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Troysport is more than a auto performance shop. Our expertise is not diluted across all “European motorcars”. Rather we are focused exclusively on Porsches. And our expertise is further concentrated on air-cooled Porsche maintenance and performance enhancements. 



Porsche Maintenance Specialized: 

For 30+ years Troysport has not only managed Porsche race teams, but we are also active drivers. We believe that this real-life, hands-on experience in competitive racing is the only way to completely understand your Porsche and to FINALLY deliver the results you have been looking for elsewhere.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Clutch and Transmission

Engine Tuning 

Total Engine Rebuild

Suspension Improvements

Electrical Troubleshooting

Wheel and Tire Packages


Classic Restoration

Do you have an unfinished ‘project car’ covered with dust in your garage?  Bring it back to life.  Troysport will return it back to factory original condition - like the many 356’s that have been delivered by Troysport.  Or maybe you have that old 911 that SHOULD be your daily driver.  Sid drives his 1979 everyday to work.  He and his clients believe that their 911s should be driven.  And NOT just to the local cars and coffee on the weekends, but every day.  When Troysport fixes it, it will be as reliable as that a new 992…but way more fun doing your heel-toe blip downshifts and turning heads

Racing Your Air Cooled Porsche

Do you want to take your car, and yourself to the next level? 

Troysport is your new home for race prep, trackside support, and driver coaching. Join the Troysport team all the way to the National Championships. Troysport drivers have been there multiple times over the past 30 years.


So, whether you need a tech inspection completed before your next High Performance Driver Education (HDPE) weekend or whether you want to commission a full-blown, twin-plug, from the tub up, National Championship contending project, the name Sid Collins at Troysport is THE place you and your Porsche should be.  

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Image by Adrien Vajas


3838 Commerce Loop

Orlando, Florida 32808


Phone: (+1) 407-297-7733

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